What are the essential building blocks to create a high-performing online and offline education tool?

Teach, Learn, Practice, Supervise, Assess, Test

CuClass links all aspects of real life educational scenarios with the use of digital technology to establish a versatile education environment online and offline.  


CuClass supports live streaming, breakout sessions, and online video recordings. Teachers are able to schedule online learning programs with great flexibility.

Live Streaming

CuClass supports 1-on-1 and 1-to-many online interactive courses. Professional-grade live streaming solution ensures seamless and high quality delivery.

Breakout Sessions

CuClass allows teachers to split students into smaller groups for in-depth collaboration. Individual instructors or mentors can also be assigned to guide and reinforce the effectiveness of group discussions. (Coming soon >>)

Cloud Recordings and Videos

CuClass Playback Settings allows teachers to manage Cloud recordings and upload videos easily.


CuClass has all the advanced digital teaching tools a teacher needs to deliver a high-quality e-learning course.

Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a digital annotation tool that allows users to draw images, create shapes, add text, delete markups etc., as in a real-life classroom scenario.

Share Educational Materials

Upload and share learning materials with students throughout the course freely.

Share External Videos

Introduce a couple of external videos to liven up your class. Simply copy and paste video URL links to share with students online.

Live Stream Recording and Playback

The cloud recording feature enables you to record live streaming courses and create video playbacks.

Practice ​

CuClass's interactive teaching tools brings the physical classroom experience online. 

Raise Hand to Speak Mode

Students may ask for permission to speak during class by tapping the "Raise Hand to Speak" button for real-time online discussions.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Anyone in the classroom can share the contents of their screen with the utmost convenience. Teachers may introduce new materials at any given moment. Students are able to deliver presentations online regardless of their location.

Collaborative Editing

Allows multiple users to annotate on the interactive whiteboard simultaneously. Each person has a distinctive cursor that shows the names of the current commentators in real-time.

Discussion Mode

Teachers may increase student engagement by switching on the Discussion Mode.


Analyze student performances by using statistical data collected from real-time pop quizzes and online presentations.

(Coming soon >>) 


Pop Quiz

CuClass allows teachers to deliver real-time pop quizzes to instantly reflect students' learning progress.

Presentation Mode

CuClass allows students to respond immediately during roll calls and class discussions. Student desktop sharing capability is enabled under the presentation mode.

Statistical Data

CuClass helps teachers record and monitor students' learning progress based on their online performances.


Bar graphs give teachers a clearer illustration of the students' learning curve and the effectiveness of the curriculum. 

(Coming soon >>)

Learning Progress and Results

CuClass's statistical analysis allows teachers to evaluate individual academic developments and abilities with reliable data. Teachers may also adjust the curriculum outcomes to meet personalized learning needs.

Playbacks and Student Feedback Survey

Students may participate in quizzes while watching video playbacks. Survey invitations are delivered after the end of each course.

Learning Behavior

CuClass keeps track and provides a quantified data analysis of student attendance hours, test scores, frequency of visits for reviewing course materials, total time of online interaction, etc, for teachers to understand the effectiveness of the curriculum.


CuClass offers specialized features for better class management and online security.

(Coming soon >>)

Student Attention Tracker

This special feature allows teachers to monitor student attention during class.

Private and Secure Online Classrooms

Designated access codes for pre-assigned attendees. Digital watermarks can be embedded to prevent copyright infringement. ​

Class Management

Multifunction class management buttons give teachers full control over the class. Mute or enable student microphones to facilitate effective discussions and maintain classroom order.

Product Advantage



Easy -to-access for all users. Works directly on browsers, no additional installation is required. To invite students to join a course, simply enter student phone number/emails to send out class invitations.


Fast Integration

CuClass offers SDK to facilitate the connection of existing organizational management systems with the CuClass platform. Providing services made-to-measure, helping clients load and connect to online classrooms faster and smoother.


Flexible Plans and Pricing

Individuals and educational institutions may pick out an ideal payment plan to satisfy various circumstances, e.g. pay per course, one-time full payment for cloud deployment. Gain more budgetary control with CuClass's flexible plans and pricing.

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