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Why CuClass ?

Streamlined Cloud Recording

Get immediate access to CuClass Cloud Recordings. CuClass makes your online or offline recordings readily available in a matter of minutes.

IP Protection

CuClass's patented digital watermarking feature protects your intellectual properties from possible infringements.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pay only for the classroom size that fits! Our flexible pricing plans offer cost-efficient options to accommodate your needs.

Easily Accessible Courses

The CuClass Course Scheduling System makes it possible for students to review and attend courses anytime, anywhere.

Interactive Features

Smart reminders to keep students on task , multifunction class control buttons, interactive whiteboard, remote desktop sharing, and many more! CuClass mirrors the physical classroom teaching experience with the help of its in-class interactive features.


No download or installation required. Join course in One-click thru email. Compatible with mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices.


Supplementary Education
Corporate Training
Private Tutoring

CuClass for Whom?

CuClass is the No. 1 choice for schools, supplementary educational institutions, companies, and private tutoring programs.

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The Keystone to Broaden Your Business Scope

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Live Streaming Courses

CuClass allows 200 participants to join simultaneously. Professional-grade live streaming solution ensures seamless and high quality delivery.

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On-Demand Cloud Recordings

Record and upload videos to CuClass Cloud with no maximum file size limit! Allow on-demand access. Transform recordings into new business opportunities.

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Automatically upload your live streaming sessions to CuClass Cloud in an instant. Allow students to easily access video playbacks via a URL link. Rewatch/review without hassle.

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Remarketing Cloud Recordings

Consider turning a profit from existing cloud recordings. Assign to students for free or create a new business model by remarketing the videos.

Launch 5-Person Mini Course
Experience All Premium Features
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CuClass offers a 5-person mini course that allows you to experience CuClass premium features all at once! 

Try out CuClass's interactive whiteboard, collaboration tools, emojis, course scheduling system, cloud recording, anti-counterfeiting digital watermarks, and many more! 

Experience the best for free!

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Limited time only!

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