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On the CuClass website, click "Launch Course"  to go to the sign up page and click "Sign up". Enter the required information to complete the registration. You may choose to register as a (1) Individual (2) Enterprise

A system-generated email that contains a URL link will be delivered to the student's personal inbox.  Click the URL link to be automatically redirected to the online course. The student may also visit the CuClass website directly, click on "Join Course",  and enter the designated course code provided by the email.

Both types of account users get to enjoy the full range of CuClass features and services. However, for "Enterprise Accounts", an additional Admin Role is created to facilitate the needs for managing complex tasks. The Admin has permissions to handle the following: assign teachers, create classes, allocate students,  and curate online course contents.(An Admin can take the teacher role as well)

After a course ends, teachers may go to "Timetable"-->"Playback Settings" to configure the total number of allowed playbacks for students to view. This feature also allows teachers to include additional students to the list of viewers.

If a student hasn't received the course code, the teacher may go to "Manage Course" -->"List of Courses" . Find the specific course entry and click "List" under Course Roster to view the list of attendees and its designated course code.


Please click on this link to resolve the microphone access issue >>> HERE.

Click "Launch Course" to enter the Login page. Click "Forgot Password" and follow the instructions to recover your password.

More Help

For more information, you may view our CuClass User Manuals or contact our customer support team.

Teacher's Manual
Student's Guidebook
Customer Service
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